How to Write The Perfect Wedding Groom Speech

How to Write The Perfect Wedding Groom Speech

As many of us are unfamiliar with public speaking the thought of making a speech to a room full of people petrifies us. To help you along follow the basic guidelines set out below. And remember, don't panic, the room is full of friends and family who are there for a good time.


Too short and it will come across as uncaring, too long and it will become boring for your audience. The perfect time is approximatley 5 minutes. Remember that people haven't come to hear you speak.


If your normally a serious person don't attempt to be a comedian. Strike a balance between entertaining and expressing sincere thanks to everyone involved.


When thanking those who have helped out remember not to forget anyone (perhaps a little note of who you are thanking may be a good idea).

Brides Father – For his kind words in his speech and for letting you marry his daughter.
Brides Mother – For all her help in organising the big day.
Your Parents – For all the years of support they've given you.
Your Bestman – For doing such a good job (hopefully) and so many years of friendship.
The Bridesmaids – Mention how beautiful they all look.
Your Guests – For the generous gifts.


Tell everyone how fantastic the day has been and anything that particularly stands out for you.


The main ingredient to a Grooms wedding speech, letting her know how stunning she looks and how lucky you are. Perhaps add a little story about how you met or from when you were dating.


Your nearly done. Propose a toast to your attendants, and of course your wife. Then you can hand over to the Bestman and probably the most embarrasing 10 minutes of your life.

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